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Graduation करने के लिऐ सभी प्रकार के CBSE College .in India जान कारी


Graduation Top college.

Information of central Goverment college in India
So ,

What do you know about central Goverment College in India. ?
💃So, Friends.
Top Engineering College in India .This is a Central Goverment Engineering College.

Descripation of atom (sciencehindusthan.blogspot.com)

This is a Engineering college  and also Technological colleges,.
This college names  is given by

👾Indian Institude of technology(IIT) Bombay
Powai Bombay Maharastra
.👼Indian Institude of technology (IIT) kanpur

👱Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Kharagpur
kharagpur west bengal

👼Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Hydrabad
Hydrabad Telangana.

👺Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Banglore
Banglore karnatak.

👻Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Ranchi

🎅Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Bhopal
Bhopal Madhya pradesh.

💀Indian Institude of technology (IIT) patna
Patna ( Bihar)

Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Jaipur
Jaipur Rajasthan

Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Delhi
Delhi India.

Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Raipur
Raipur chatisgarh

Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Ropar

Indian Institude of technology (IIT) Guwathi
Guwathi (Assam)

This is only Goverment college in India.and very low fees.This is a country level colleges.

Only Three colleges is high Top IIT Bombay ; IIT kanpur ; and IIT kharagpur.

Now; I am telling you about National level colleges.

This is national leval colleges not a countries level colleges.

This is also top college in India.
This colleges name is NITs

National Institude of technology.
National Institude of technology (warageon)

Maulana Azad National Institute of technology Bhopal
Bhopal Madhya pradesh

Visyavarya National Institute of technology Nagpur
South Ambazari road near by sbi
Nagpur Maharastra.

National Institute of technology shrinagar

🔐National Institute of technology vishapattam

🔊National Institute of technology Raipur
Raipur chattisgarah India.
All state present in national level colleges.and one state present in one or two NITs colleges only.
This colleges is very top that,s why National level compedition.
At any student want to take Admission this colleges.this colleges take to Admission

First of all you should qualify jee main exam after that 1.5 lakh student select to jee advanced after
5 or10 thousand student pass to jee advanced.
I give you some advice to qualify Jee main and jee advanced
First of all you read previous year question paper.
Jee main exams have three subjects.
Physics. Chemistry..and math.
Physics subject is tough to jee main exam.

Chemistry is easy that's why
you should read chemistry general knowlegde book and basic chemistry book.
And also
 Ghar bethe English sikhe (littleflowerms.blogspot.com

I give some website to qualify jee Exams
🔎Sciencehindustan. blogspot.com🔎
🔎 🔎 Mathhindusthan.blogspot.com🔎 And.
You should read  only Cbse books. And Cbse. Basic.
Central Goverment Commerce Colleges . is Charter Accounter Colleges.
This Colleges very low Fees any. Private National level Colleges.is fees very high.
🔎Indian Institute of  Charter Accounter (IICA)

This College present in any states.
You want to take Admission in  IICA Colleges

I give some steps to take Admission IICA
First of all you get pass 12th Standard .after that .you should go to IICA registry.
You should pass (Common profinary test) CPT
After that
You should pass IPCC . after that 3 years Ariticalship

After student Qualify IPCC Exams.
You should try  to CA -final
You qualify to  CA -final Exam.after that you take Admission in IICA Colleges.
Central Goverment Management Colleges in India.
💡Indian Institute of Management.(IIM Banglore
Banglore. Karnatak
🕛Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore

Indore Madhya pradesh

🆒Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Delhi
Delhi India

🚧Indian Institude of Management (IIM) Raipur
Raipur Chhatisgarah.

💐Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur

Visvaryva national Institute near by this Institute .
Nagpur Maharastra

🚀This is a Very big Colleges in and. Very. Beautiful. And also NIM Colleges (National Institute of Management) in all states.

Indian Institude of  Science (IISC)
This Colleges is not Central Goverment College but very low fees and. Good College

खाना खाने के बाद नींद क्यों आती है । जाने (Indiajankari.blogspot.com)

This College s is Technological Colleges.
⛽Indian Institute of science (IISC) Banglore
This college devloper jamesharji TATA
Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Chennai
This College Admission to  pass any National level Exams i.e jee , Gate
Central Goverment College in Army .
National Deffiency Acadamy. (NDA)
National Diffency Acadamy (NDA) Dehradun
Dehradun Uttarakhand
Central Goverment College in  medical science AIPMT. Colleges
i.e Maulana Azad medical College
New Delhi  India
One Institute in All India level or Countries level Colleges. AIIMS

Old six AIIMS medical Colleges and now new colleges in India.

🚠I give City name for Old six AIIMS.


🚛All India Institute of medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi
Delhi India
🚢All India Institute of medical science (AIIMS) Raipur Raipur Chhatisgarah
All India Institute of medical science (AIIMS) Bhopal
Bhopal Madhya pradesh
All India Institute of medical science (AIIMS) Bhonayeswar

🚞All India Instiute of medical science (AIIMS) Reshikesh
🛂All India Institute of medical science (AIIMS)

AIIMS and also AFMC College( Arm Force medical College)


This College Study that Student
in army in doctor post new AIIMS College devlep in Nagpur City🚔

🚂Central Goverment school or Colleges in 11th And 12th standard name as kendriya vidayalya.

🐎Over all country is old IIT only seven Colleges

After graduation you can try Gate exam and take Admission in IIT Colleges.
IIM Colleges only master degree not a bachelor degree.

🏇At any student study in this Central Goverment College s

That student salary in Indian Rupees Approximately

1 Crore Rupees salary per Annum
In 10 or 15. Lakh  salary per month
And topper Iit student salary is 2.5 lakh per Annum.
This College s is low fees and good salary.

For any Question and  suggestion please ask me
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