गुरुवार, 2 मार्च 2017

Accounting kya hai . इस accounting कि defination क्या है । जाने accounting मे अच्छे marks लाने के लिऐ देखे।

         Accounting ke bare me Jane.
what is Accounting and their importance of bussines .

      I am telling you This topic  Accounts Knowledge.

Hello ,Friends
What is meant by  Accounts .

Accounts means hindi languagae (khata).

    Accounts any Customer transation Debet or Credit and profit or loss list of means Accounts .                 
      Accounts is important
Coming income means Debit
And going income means Credit.
Accounts is Three types 🐰 Rules
🐩Personal Account ;-
Personal Accounts means
Profit in gain person Debit
Profit is given to any person credit

   🐱Real Account :-
Real Account means (sale and purchase)
Coming  Income Debit
Going Income Credit
🐈Nominal Account
Nominal Account means
Expenses Account Dr
Profit Account Cr

🎻Capital :-
Some person start to shop . that person need to money. Some peoples start to share market and investement money to shares to start shop or company
This firm investement means Capital.
Or. One person start to shop .saving money used to that shop this investement means Capital.

🐰Assets :-
Assest means money.


🐈How to make Accounts ? 🐈

🐶 Accounts. 🐶
Company name
🐈One side date and after particulars and Debit or Credit Amount .🐓
Date. Particulars. Debit. Credit
This style to make Accounts .
Shom name vinay provision
1/4/16 Ram given to Cash. 1000
1/3/16. Electricity bill paid. 1500
1/8/16 Telephone bill. 500
1/9/16. Interest received. 5000
2/10/16. Mobile purchase. 6000
17/2/17 Motercycle purchase. 65000
12/3/17. Travel Expenses. 200
15/4/17. Cash received from subash traders. 1700

Explain the Entries of Vinay provision .
Date. Particulars. Debit. Credit.
1/4/16. Cash A/c. Dr. 1000
Ram A/c. Cr.
1/3/16. Electricity bill A/c Dr. 1500
Cash A/c. Cr.
1/8/16. Telephone bill A/c Dr. 500
Cash. A/c Cr.
1/9/16. Cash. A/c. Dr. 5000
Interest A/c. Cr.
2/10/16. Mobile purchase A/c Dr.
Cash A/c. Cr.
17/2/17. Motercycle purchase A/c Dr
Cash. A/c. Cr.
12/3/17. Travel Expenses A/c Dr 200
Cash. A/c. Cr
15/4/17. Cash. A/c Dr. 1700
Subash traders A/c. Cr.
This is a one Example of Accounts . you should try to your shop Accounts and Vegatables Debit orv credit.

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